I'm Confident, Creative & Logical -

Yes, My Right and Left Brain work well together.


I am Passionate in Photography, Graphic Design,

Web Design and Silk Screening.

My view on life is "My Only Limitation is My Own Imagination....    Then I have the Internet!!!"


I have 20+ years Photography, Graphic Design and Silk-Screening. Web Design is a recently acquired skill.


I work well via the Internet, E-mail, Phone or any other device for communication. I guess you can say I'm just a click away!

My websites are:




The website is new and in the infancy stage.


Please check out other samples of my work in my portfolio on:

www.behance.net: http://kdperea.prosite.com/


I work in Mac and PC Formats - Photoshop, Illustrator, CorelDraw, Word, Power Point and Excel. Plus various other programs.